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ARCHITECTURE PLUS DESIGN is dedicated to the pursuit of design excellence. We do not specialize in one project type. We approach each project as a unique opportunity to work closely with our clients to advance their mission, business, and facilities. we provide design solutions to evolve workspaces, reimagine campuses, create innovative new facilities, and integrate leading-edge technologies. Our firm varied experience with a wide range of project types and scales, makes each of our projects stronger as we bring together best practices from each type. 



Our practice is a synthesis of 'Ecology' and 'Spirit' drawing inspiration from nature, which becomes so deeply involved with its surroundings that it becomes a living, breathing space in itself.
The award is the outcome of the team's hardwork and sincere efforts toward perfection.


Fiza has had an interesting exploratory journey before stumbling upon her own Architectural and Interior Design studio. While Fiza is creative, she is also very Type-A. She likes Excel almost as much as she likes Photoshop. Like most artsy people, she didn't always know what she wanted to do with her life, but she did know that whatever it was, it had to keep her intrigued, challenged and busy.


During her Engineering studies at DCRUST University, Fiza studied architecture and construction and then moved to France with her husband as her husband Afzal was keen to settle his Travel Agency in Paris where she honed her skills in Art and Photography at Ogilvy and Mather. With her right brain craving more stimulation and her desire to break the shackles of the corporate world to explore her independent creative side, she came back to India when all was settled at her husband’s business front and he handed over that branch to one of his partner permanently settled in Paris. Here back in Delhi Fiza had a brief stint at renowned architecture and interior firm of Space Ace. After a year, she knew she had struck the balance she sought between  numbers and colours, Fiza looking to explore new opportunities on her own, started A+I Studio in 2002.


She likes to deliver a project with a sense of the unexpected, but respecting her clients’ personalities. She masterminds smart yet subtly glamorous interiors. Her interest in global and local trends in fashion, lifestyle, travel and design is reflected in her varied palette of residential projects.


She loves to travel to places that are off the beaten path and will do anything that gives her a rush like sky-diving, bungee jumping, scuba diving; locally she enjoys watching movies in theatres and trying out new restaurants. In her free time, which is usually before going to bed, she reads books on ancient Religion and various beliefs or pours over design blogs on Flip board while cuddling with her two kids and her dogs and every night thanks God for such beautiful journey of her life.

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